Jason Poure
Co-Founder & Principle Industrial Designer

With over 20 years experience Jason is a builder of industrial design and hardware organizations that create holistic design solutions for a wide range of problems. He was responsible for using design to create the physical brand identity for Peloton’s suite of connected fitness products as well as creating a visual brand Identity for multiple global brands. An award-winning designer with more than ten patents, Jason led Industrial design teams to receive three Red Dot Awards, the Core 77 Design Award and was an IDSA finalist.

John Consiglio
Co-Founder & Principle Mechanical Engineer

John is an experienced product design engineer and manager specializing in new technologies and working with complex global supply chains. As a product development engineer and manager he has designed and brought to market innovative products in the medical, consumer electronics and connected hardware industries. As an engineering leader John has implemented successful cross functional product development processes while also growing team size and capabilities.